ARD Sportschau sucht das A-Team

The TV broadcaster ARD searched for the best youth team in germany. But best, in this case, did not meant skills and scores. By producing two spots, one illustrated and live action, we searched for a youth team with a special team spirit. Both spots and applicant videos were supported by a broadcast design.


Goldwell Brand History Trailer

GOLDWELL BRand history trailer


Since 1948 Goldwell is a strong partner for hairdressers. With Hans Erich Dotters vision in mind, many innovative products and services were launched until today. Watch the Brand History Trailer that guides you through an animated book, bringing the past back to life. Produced for mcgarrybowen on behalf of Goldwell.


Devolo 1200+

DEVOLO 1200+ Starter kit

With devolo dLAN 1200+ you can easily build today’s most powerful home network over the power line. Get inspired and watch all the benefits of the new powerline adapter. Animated in 2D and 3D.





There was a time before instagram. A time when photographs looked the way they do, because they were taken analogue. There was no filter gallery to choose from. The german broadcaster launched an online platform called “Digit” to collect all these old photographs and show it to the public. We produced three spots to engage people to look in their basement and shoe boxes for old contemporary photographs and movies they could possibly scan and upload to “Digit”. Our highlight: tell the story of the last Jimi Hendrix concert in Fehmarn. But bringing the old photographs to life with animated 3d projection mapping.




Still Hungry?

Watch the 2D animated series “5 facts about”, which was broadcasted on WDR Servicezeit. In collaboration with illustrator Jens Amende we produced five clips, each visualizing five facts about consumption, internet, health, mobility… and beer. Yes, beer!


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